Petition to Montgomery County Board of Education

Stop Overcrowding At Woodlin!

Petition to Montgomery County Board of Education

We, the undersigned parents, neighbors, and friends of Woodlin Elementary school, respectfully request that the Montgomery County Board of Education take action to address overcrowding at Woodlin. Woodlin has become increasingly overcrowded over the previous twelve years, with significant increase in enrollment over the previous three years. We want our students to have the appropriate and safe facilities in which to allow them to learn and excel. Continued delay in addressing this growing problem is unacceptable.

Woodlin currently has nine portable classrooms, which is tied for the largest number of portable classrooms in the consortium, and is slated to potentially receive two more over the next two years. Almost thirty percent of our school has their primary classroom in a portable classroom. The reliance on portables raises safety concerns which require immediate attention.

Specifically, we request:

1. Woodlin be placed on the list of schools scheduled for renovation or expansion to begin the process of addressing the overcrowding at Woodlin now, and

2. Additional immediate resources be provided for extra staff or other security measures to ensure that our children are safe in their travels between the school and the portable classrooms each day while we wait for our much needed renovation.


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