Listserv Guidelines

The Woodlin PTA email listserv is a discussion listserv intended for Woodlin parents and staff to exchange information relevant to Woodlin Elementary, its PTA, and the surrounding community.


  • Ownership:  The Woodlin PTA listserv is operated by volunteers of the Woodlin PTA.
  • Moderators:  The listserv will have at least ONE listserv moderator, who is a volunteer representative of the Woodlin PTA.
  • Moderator controls:  Decisions by the listserv moderator on listserv membership can be overruled by a majority vote of the PTA Board.
  • Guideline changes:  Approval of and changes to these listserv guidelines can be made by a majority vote of the Woodlin PTA Board or, if deemed necessary, by a majority vote of the PTA membership.


  • Membership eligibility:  Membership is open to parents of current, future, and past students, school staff, and MCCPTA outreach staff.
  • Membership approval:  Memberships are approved by the current PTA listserv moderator.  Prospective members must state their relationship to the school before membership will be approved.


  • Who can post a message:  Any listserv member can post a message on the listserv by sending an email to
  • Message approval:  The Woodlin PTA listserv is not moderated.  Messages are not pre-approved by the listserv moderator or PTA Board.
  • Signing a message:  Messages should be signed with the originator’s name and relationship to the Woodlin community. (For example, “Jane Doe, mother of a 3rd grader.”)


  • Message topics:  Messages on any topic relevant to Woodlin, the PTA, and the surrounding community are appropriate.  This includes messages on sensitive or controversial topics.
  • Commercial messages:  Messages promoting commercial or personal businesses are not allowed.
  • Political campaigning: The listserv cannot be used for political campaigning.  The Woodlin PTA is exempt from federal income taxes because it is a non-partisan non-profit organization. Political issues, however, can be discussed.
  • Copyrighted material:  Copyrighted material cannot be posted without the permission of the copyright owner.  Instead, a link to the material should be provided.
  • Naming individuals:  Members should not name individuals in a way that is negative, harmful, or defamatory—even if the individual is NOT a member of the listserv. .  Members especially should not use the names of staff, parents, and Woodlin students when discussing sensitive issues.
  • Private communications: Members should not forward messages to the listserv that were sent to them individually without the permission of the original sender.
  • Avoid speculation:  Do not post messages with information that might not be true or might only be partially true.
  • Follow the golden rule:  Members must disagree in a friendly and respectful manner.


  • Use “Reply” and “Reply All” appropriately:  Use “Reply” when responding to a listserv message if it is intended only for the person who sent the original message.  Use “Reply All” if the response will be helpful to the entire listserv.  Members should be mindful of filling other member’s mailboxes with unnecessary emails.
  • Subscribing to the listserv:  To subscribe to the listserv and start receiving emails, send an email to:
  • Unsubscribing from listserv:  To remove an email from the group, send an email to
  • Daily digests:  Members can opt to receive either individual messages or daily digests of recent messages.  To receive emails in digest form, send an email to To switch back to individual emails, send to
  • Listserv website:  The listserv has an associated website at  Members can change subscriber options and view past messages and uploaded files.
  • Subject lines:  When posting messages, members should use descriptive subject lines. (“Spring Fair Volunteers Needed” is better than “Hello All.”)
  • Bouncing messages:  Yahoo will suspend members from receiving emails if their email address is bouncing messages.  Moderators cannot reactivate bouncing email addresses.  Members should respond to reactivation requests to continue to receive listserv email messages.


  • The PTA Board reserves the right to suspend the listserve membership of anyone not abiding by the above rules.

Updated:  October 17, 2010
By:  Deb Ferrin, Listserv moderator
Approved by  PTA BOARD by majority vote on:  November 15, 2010