2015 Geography Bee – Packets Distributed February 23rd

The Geography Bee (Geo Bee) is a 14 year PTA-teacher partnership supporting geography education and friendly competition for third, fourth, and fifth graders at Woodlin.

Classroom teams, consisting of four students and two alternates, compete in one-hour long grade-level Geo Bees held in the multipurpose room each April and May. Each classroom team works together to answer questions about geography and history for the regions studied, including basic landforms, bodies of water, and some cultural information. Question types include straight answer, “find it on a map,” and navigation- and direction-based questions.

Students complete study packets (40-60 pages in length) that include regional maps, information about history and culture, and geographic information. The content includes:

  • Third Grade – Geography of the United States
  • Fourth Grade – Refresher of United States’ geography + Canada, Latin America, Australia, and Antarctica
  • Fifth Grade – A sample of the rest of the world including Europe (10 countries), Africa (9 countries), and Asia (13 countries)

New this year

  • Geography Bee Kick Off (in the gym) – Monday, Feb. 23 after Town Meeting.  Program will include parents and friends of Woodlin sharing how they use geography in their work.
  • More time for younger grades to complete their packets.
  • Recess study sessions (weekly leading up to the preliminary bees; supervised by PTA volunteers)

We want even more students to participate this year!  Please encourage your child to compete their packet. Don’t forget to pack your Geo Bee packet if you are traveling over Spring Break!

Grade Packets Due Preliminary Bees in Classrooms Geography Bee
5th Grade Wednesday, March 25 Tuesday, March 31 Friday, April 24 –1:50 pm
4th Grade Friday, April 17 Friday, May 1 Friday, May 29 – 2:00 pm
3rd Grade Tuesday, April 14 Friday, April 17 Friday, May 15 – 1:45 pm 

For more information on the Geography Bee, please read the Woodlin Geography Bee Overview.