Building Action Committee Update

The Building Action Committee has met and is working hard to address ongoing concerns about Woodlin’s overcrowding. We have identified two major areas of concern:

  • Immediate concerns around safety and access to the portables
  • Long term solutions to our over-enrollment problem

As our committee continues to advocate on behalf of the Woodlin community, we will try to raise these concerns with MCPS, the Board of Education, and the County Council.  It is our mission to raise awareness and increase open communication between the decision makers and Woodlin.

We encourage you to please get involved and share your voice!  There are many ways to get involved!!

  • Send a letter to the BOE, County Council, and Superintendent’s Office
  • Attend a Board of Education Candidate Forum
  • Show your support for Woodlin at upcoming Board of Education Hearings

Please join us on October 14th (time TBD) at Woodlin Elementary for a chance to hear from MCPS about their long-range planning and the process by which the county addresses over-crowding.  We are delighted to have this opportunity to open the lines of communication between the county and our school.  More details to follow!