WES feasibility update from PTA President

Now that we have had our Back To School nights and have seen the new portable situation in the back of the school, I would like to share with you the status of the possibility of a permanent classroom expansion.

Woodlin has had an architect firm out to plan a 9 classroom expansion. The money for the expansion had not been allocated, but it was estimated that work could start in 2017. We had expected that the money would have been allocated on the current CIP (Capitol Improvement Plan.) Instead, we were included in a study of 12 elementary schools as part of a comprehensive plan for our part of the DCC (Down County Consortium.)

I took part in a long term planning meeting with the county and was told that the 2017 date is still a possibility for new construction for Woodlin, even though the money has not been allocated yet. The 12 school study will also include other feasibility studies for other schools so they can deal with the tremendous growth in our part of the county in a comprehensive way.

The Woodlin BAC (Buidling Action Committee) is working on a suggested letter to send to the county, testimony to be presented at the County Board Meeting dedicated to the CIP, and strategy to make the most of our very enthusiastic parent body. The BAC will plan to meet in the next couple weeks.

I will be speaking briefly about this topic on September 9th at the General PTA Meeting, and on October 7th there will be a full information and strategy session on making sure Woodlin will be prepared for the future.

More information is available at: http://gis.mcpsmd.org/cipmasterpdfs/MP15CH4_DCC.pdf