WES feasibility background

In late Fall 2012 Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) asked Woodlin Elementary School (WES) Principal Sarah Sirgo (2007-2013), WES Assistant Principal Troy Clarke (2007-2014) and Woodlin PTA President Angelia Levy (2012-2014) to help select an architectural firm to design and coordinate the building addition and renovations to WES due to capacity concerns. At that time funding had not been officially set aside to cover WES’ renovation and construction costs nor had a date been finalized as to when the construction work would begin.

According to Ms. Levy it appeared that MCPS, Mrs. Sirgo, and Mr. Clarke and herself were doing initial legwork (i.e. selecting firm, schedule selected architectural firm to speak to WES community, etc.) so that if/when construction funds were made available MCPS would be able to begin renovations at WES as soon as possible. However, at that time Ms. Levy felt that the earliest work could begin at WES would be 2017, which was her estimation based on information and timelines discussed at the meetings.

Since Spring 2013 WES and the WES PTA haven’t had any additional meetings with MCPS about the suggested renovation plans. In March 2014 Ms. Levy spoke with Current WES Principal Shoua Moua about the status of renovations at Woodlin Elementary. Principal Moua stated that MCPS hasn’t allocated any construction or renovation funds for WES for 2014-2015 (see ‘Board of Education Approves’ 11/18/2013 memo below) and that there are other schools in the downcounty consortium who are undergoing feasibility studies. Accordingly, it appears that WES will be relying on classroom portables for the foreseeable future.